Value Builder System™

Value Builder Score Infographic

Do you know what your business is worth?

Do you know if your business is sellable?

Would you like to know how to make it valuable and sellable?

Baby boomer entrepreneurs typically have most of their wealth tied up in their business. Increasing the value of this largest asset can have the biggest financial impact for the business owner. A statistical research analysis of 6,955 businesses has pinpointed eight attributes which can increase the value of a business by as much as 71% and, therefore, makes it more attractively sellable as well.

Based upon these eight attributes, businesses that can achieve a Value Builder Score of 80+ out of a possible 100 typically sell for 71% higher than the average business. The overall Value Builder Score for your business is derived from how well you perform with regard to the following eight attributes:

  1. Financial Performance: What’s your history for producing revenues and profits combined with the professionalism of your record keeping.
  2. Growth Potential: What’s the likelihood your business will grow in the future and at what rate.
  3. The Switzerland Structure: How dependent is your business upon any single employee, client, customer, vendor, or supplier.
  4. The Valuation Teeter Totter: How much is your business a cash drain or a cash spigot.
  5. The Hierarchy of Recurring Revenue: What proportion and quality of automatic, annuity-type revenue is received each month.
  6. The Monopoly Control: How well differentiated is your business from your industry competitors.
  7. Customer Satisfaction: What’s the probability that your clients/customers will repurchase and refer.
  8. Hub and Spoke: How well would your business perform if you as the owner were unable to work for three months or more.

The Quiet Millionaire® Value Builder System™ provides an organized and purposeful structure for the interrelated and interdependent components of the eight attributes. It maps out the directions and the vehicles to utilize for reaching your destination.

The goal of the Quiet millionaire® Value Builder System™ is to increase the premium value of your business, and the System’s  process starts with knowing what’s your current Value Builder Score.

As Yogi Berra wisely said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there.” Knowing your existing Value Builder Score shows the value of your business currently relative to where you should be for building maximum value and ultimate sellability.

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