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The Quiet Millionaire®


Follow The Quiet Millionaire® Systematic Value Builder  Approach to Building Family Business Value and Continuity for Freedom to Live the Life You Dream Of

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The Value Builder Score

Take advantage of research involving 65,00 business owners and get your score free and a comprehensive analysis for the 8 factors that drive the value of your business. Learn where and how to improve your score on each factor.

The PREScore™

The PREScore™

Because most family business owners don’t fully consider the practical and emotional aspects of exiting their business, 75% regret their decision to exit within just 1-year after what should be a most happy and liberating event. The Personal Readiness to exit (PRE) Score helps you evaluate your preparedness and ensure that you exit without regrets.

The Freedom Point Score

The Freedom Point Score

Family business owners typically face 2 difficult exiting choices: when to sell and at what price. If exiting your business would provide the financial resources for freedom to do whatever you want, it may be worthwhile considering sooner than later. The Freedom Point Score helps you determine whether you’ve truly reached living a life of freedom you dream of. You may be closer than you think!

The Quiet Millionaire: An Award Winning Personal Finance Book

To reach their Freedom Point sooner, family business owners need to smartly plan, manage, and monitor their personal finances in tandem with building the value of their business. The Quiet Millionaire provides proven reliable strategies how build wealth, eliminate costly debt, and live a stress-free the life of freedom. Contact Brett to request your free copy.

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