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About Brett

Entrepreneur - Certified Financial Planner™ - Certified Value Builder™ - Award-Winning Author

Brett’s Entrepreneurial Story


“Tomorrow’s not promised and neither is your freedom to do whatever, whenever, wherever!”        …Brett Wilder


We all have landmark times to celebrate in our life.

For me, Friday, April 17, 2015 was one of those times. Wow, what a day! What a great feeling of freedom!

That’s the day I reaped the financial rewards for the years of my building a family business that began as a mere vision in an attic room of my house to become one that was valuable, transferable, and sellable.

Since then, my wife Sandy and I have traveled worldwide and befriended some of the most fantastic people who we never would have met otherwise.

I’m truly blessed. I’m able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want!

By building my own family business, I’ve actually played in the same ballpark as you. Been there, done that!

Along the way to experiencing the life I now enjoy, I faced many similar challenges and obstacles as you. I successfully transitioned my family business through the 4 stages of business owner entrepreneurship, which I term as:

  • WUNDER – I wondered, was my vision financially flawed or foolish? Would my business venture survive?

  • BLUNDER – I made lots of mistakes, but kept on learning and moving forward.

  • THUNDER – Things were going full blast. Why was getting there so much harder than it is now?

  • PLUNDER – I could reap the rewards I worked so hard for. Would I get what I think the business is worth?

Getting the business to a point where I didn’t have to fear about not getting what I thought it was worth, took years of planning beyond my meeting the business and personal challenges I faced day-to-day.

I worked on the business to build its value and transferability, and not just in the business. I utilized a 4-step approach for finding a freedom lifestyle and have a perpetual income stream to fund that freedom regardless of whether or not I choose to work.

Your journey will be easier and more successful  by implementing the systematic 4-step approach, which I used to build the value and transferability of my own family business and recommend to other family business owners.

70% of all family business owners will never successfully achieve freedom to do what they want, when and where they want. While every family business owner’s situation may be unique, the process for achieving the desired outcome can be structured to produce the same end-resulting freedom to choose lifestyle.

You should begin using sooner than later the 4-step process to determine where you’re at now for both your personal and business wealth management planning.

  • Personal: What’s your Freedom Point? The Freedom Point is where the net proceeds (i.e., after taxes and expenses) of selling your business will provide enough money for you and your family to live the life you dream of. Where you are you?

  • Business: Do you know what are the 8 Key Value Drivers for your business? Where are you’re at now with each of them?

Today, I live the lifestyle of my dreams doing whatever I want, whenever and wherever I want. My wife Sandy and I travel world-wide and now reside full-time in warm and sunny Miromar Lakes, FL.

All of this is possible because I took control of my life and built a valuable family business, which I sold for a lucrative amount to live a lifestyle of freedom. And now, it’s my goal to help other family business owners do the same.

Best Wishes for Wealth, Health,  and Happiness!

Brett Wilder