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Three Reasons to Score the Eight Key Value Drivers of Your Business NOW

A research analysis of over 50,000 businesses has identified eight key drivers, which add business value as well as increase potential sellability. Here are three reasons why you should score the eight key value drivers of your business now: 1. Make your business more valuable than that of your peer's. 2. Discover your business's particular hidden [...]

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Six Reasons to Cash In Your Business Chips NOW

  Are you a veteran entrepreneur trying to decide when and how best to move on from your business, and enjoy the financial freedom and personal happiness you've earned and deserve? Here are six reasons why you might want to cash in your business chips NOW. 1. You've lost your original entrepreneurial passion and enthusiastic [...]

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Ten Ways That Make Your Business More Valuable Than Your Peers’

  The value of your company is partially determined by your industry. For example, these days cloud-based software companies are considered more valuable printing companies. However, when analyzing businesses in the same industry, there are major variations in valuation. The following are 10 ways that make your business more valuable than peers'. 1. Recurring Revenues: The more [...]

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How to Make Your Business More Valuable in Twelve Months

  The New Year will be here very shortly and now is a good time to start planning in advance how to build the value of your business during 2018. Most baby boomer entrepreneurs will will set business goals that focus on achieving certain revenue and profit goals. However, if you want to make your [...]

Five Reasons Why Business Financial Data Must Be Reliable

Providing believable financial data having integrity is one of the biggest hurdles for baby boomer entrepreneurs to overcome. The following are five reasons why business financial data must be reliable: 1. Better management decision making. 2. Obtain financing necessary to operate the business. 3. Financial performance is an important value driver to maximize business value. [...]

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Three Ways to Appraise Your Business For the Highest Value

  Business valuation is a "subjective science" at best, and using the wrong method could deprive you from receiving millions of additional dollars for the rewards of your life's work as a baby boomer entrepreneur. Strategic acquisitions usually produce the highest buyout price because the value is based upon what it's worth in the acquirer's [...]

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Four Psychological Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail to Maximize Business Value

Most  entrepreneurs will not successfully build sufficient equity value to ensure a lifetime of financial security beyond the business. The following are four psychological reasons why entrepreneurs fail to maximize business value. 1. Denial of mortality Nobody plans to fail, but most people fail to plan. Most especially, nobody wants to plan for dying before dying, and [...]

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How to Enrich Your Life Beyond the Business

There's a difference between being rich and being enriched. Being rich is to be abundantly supplied with resources, means, and funds. Being enriched is to add greater value and significance to your life. This means you can be rich, and not be enriched. Or, you can be enriched, and not be rich. Best of all, [...]

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The Number One Challenge for Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

The number one challenge for baby boomer entrepreneurs is building a valuable, sellable company for having an enriched life beyond the business. While this challenge is typically acknowledged and communicated by most business advisors, their advice falls short by not offering a comprehensive, systematic approach that motivates and guides the business owner via a step-by-step [...]

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The #1 Monetary Risk When Selling Your Business

One of the most malicious obstacles to achieving a financially successful exit from a business is the taxation of business and personal income and capital gains. Furthermore, often the ultimate tax blow is the estate tax liability. Combine all of the double and triple taxation totaling possibly as high as 90%, the IRS controls the [...]

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