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How to Enrich Your Life Beyond the Business

There's a difference between being rich and being enriched. Being rich is to be abundantly supplied with resources, means, and funds. Being enriched is to add greater value and significance to your life. This means you can be rich, and not be enriched. Or, you can be enriched, and not be rich. Best of all, [...]

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The Number One Challenge for Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

The number one challenge for baby boomer entrepreneurs is building a valuable, sellable company for having an enriched life beyond the business. While this challenge is typically acknowledged and communicated by most business advisors, their advice falls short by not offering a comprehensive, systematic approach that motivates and guides the business owner via a step-by-step [...]

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The #1 Monetary Risk When Selling Your Business

One of the most malicious obstacles to achieving a financially successful exit from a business is the taxation of business and personal income and capital gains. Furthermore, often the ultimate tax blow is the estate tax liability. Combine all of the double and triple taxation totaling possibly as high as 90%, the IRS controls the [...]

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Three Ways to Maximize Business Growth

In order to maximize business growth, it's beneficial to review and analyze what mix of your products and/or services offers the most growth potential with the least amount of risk associated with investing capital in them. It may be warranted to change the mix in order to increase growth and profits. Perhaps certain products and/or [...]

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How to Measure Customer/Client Satisfaction

As an entrepreneur, do you periodically measure your customer/client satisfaction? If so, do you have specific answers to questions such as these: What percentage of your customers/clients are very satisfied with the products/services your business provides? How often, if at all, do your existing customers/clients refer your business to their family, friends, and colleagues? In [...]

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How Business Scalability Builds Value and Sellability

Scalability of your business means that your can grow your customers and increase revenues without incrementally increasing your business costs. The result is increased profits, higher business value, and more attractive sellability. Scalability, in the context of selling a business, refers to a company's ability to add significant revenues and not be constrained by it's [...]

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Score Your Business Value and Sellability

The Quiet Millionaire® Value Builder System™ utilizes a step-by-step process to help  entrepreneurs increase the value of their business and enhance sellability attractiveness. The initial first step is to assess the current status of your business by completing a brief questionnaire for a free Value Builder Score report. The report scores the business value and [...]

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8 Attributes That Measure Business Value

  Entrepreneurs typically have most of their wealth tied up in their business. Increasing the value of this largest asset can have the biggest financial impact for the business owner. A statistical research analysis of 6,955 businesses has pinpointed eight attributes how a business can increase in value by as much as 71% and, therefore, [...]

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A Financial Secret That Builds Your Business Value

Most entrepreneurs relate their company's value to revenue and profits, but neglect to appreciate the role of cash flow. Very profitable businesses can go bankrupt for lack of cash flow. Cash Flow vs. Profits Cash flow is the life blood of a business and is different from profits in that it measures the cash coming [...]

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Use Present Moment Thinking to Build Business Value

Entrepreneurs are constantly told that they should plan ahead early to build business value and sellability. They should, but they typically don't! Therefore, the outcome is too often not the best it could be. The New Year has just begun, and as every New Year previously you've probably resolved to do differently and better a [...]

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