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Time Management Techniques to Control Time is a Waste of Time

My time management is sometimes suspect to others, especially to my wife who is a fantastically fast and efficient multitasker. Me, I'm a focused and tenacious plodder and perfectionist. I enjoy my creativity and spirituality. So, I think and mull a lot and, therefore, appear to be wasting time. In my opinion, time management techniques [...]

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Why Are So Many Financial Firms Morally Suspect?

The Question: Why are so many financial firms morally suspect? The Answer: Because their cultures are self-serving, arrogant, and greedy. A creed is “a guiding principle”. All too often the creed of the financial services industry is greed, which leads to grief for many people. While the words “fiduciary responsibility” and “ethics” are loudly professed, [...]

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