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My “Plunder” Years As An Entrepreneur

  The Plunder stage is the final of the four stages, which I describe in my book The Quiet Millionaire. For most entrepreneurs, this is the most complex period of time as a business owner. It was for me both financially and emotionally as well as technically. It's also the transitional stage for which the [...]

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My “Thunder” Years As An Entrepreneur

  The third stage of the four transitional business stages, which I describe in my book, The Quiet Millionaire, is the Thunder stage, when higher levels of growth occur. This requires the business owner to focus more on higher level decision-making and intelligently leveraging and leading a growing number of managers and employees. In other [...]

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My “Blunder” Years As An Entrepreneur

As I describe in my book, The Quiet Millionaire. there are four transitional stages that a family business owner experiences from starting and growing, to exiting a business - Wunder, Blunder, Thunder, Plunder. The Wunder stage is the initial survival stage.Most new businesses don't survive the Wunder stage, and my book explains why. Fortunately, [...]

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My “Wunder” Years As an Entrepreneur

Brett Wilder CFP® Entrepreneur and Author In my book, The Quiet Millionaire, I describe the four transitional stages of business ownership, which I term as the Wunder, Blunder, Thunder, Plunder stages. My experiences transitioning through all four stages as an entrepreneur provided me both rewarding highs and humbling [...]

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My “Early” Years As An Entrepreneur

  Brett Wilder CFP®, Entrepreneur and Author I'm sharing the story of my entrepreneurial journey with you starting from my earliest years because I believe that entrepreneurship must be born within someone as part of his or her genetic DNA. Only then can they be bred to achieve entrepreneurial success. Accordingly, not everyone [...]

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Live Purposefully To Die Happy, Not Happily

In order to create an enriched life and die happy, you must have lived a life of purpose. No one wants to happily die unless, unfortunately, their life is unfulfilled or just plain miserable. Listen up! There are people who are rich, but not enriched because they don't live life with purpose. Why is it [...]

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Five Emotional Questions Every Family Business Owner Must Answer

  Can you honestly answer these questions? As a family business owner and advisor, I've had to address for myself and other business owners tough emotionally charged questions. Here are five questions that every family business owner must honestly answer during the Plunder Transitional Stage and beyond. How long can I, or do I want to continue [...]

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Four Reasons Why Baby Boomers Fail to Sell Their business

Baby boomer entrepreneurs can have a lifetime of hard work result in disappointment and financial anxiety when they go to exchange the keys to their business for money. The following are four reasons why entrepreneurs fail to sell their business. Fear of the unknown. During buyout negotiations, selling owners come to realize that they have [...]

Baby Boomers, Delegating and Empowering Key Employees Can Be Risky

  "Don't hang on too long and don't let go too soon." Boomer entrepreneurs often struggle with relinquishing control, and delegating and empowering others. When building a strong and motivated business team, the benefits of delegating and empowering key employees usually outweigh the risks. However, there can be risks to letting go too prematurely, which when [...]

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How Age Influences Boomer Entrepreneur Decision-Making

I'm now in the process of writing a second Quiet Millionaire® book. My first Quiet Millionaire® book was written as a comprehensive personal finance guide covering a wide range of financial issues and concerns typically encountered by a broad readership. This second book is being written specifically to benefit the baby boomer entrepreneur. In particular, [...]

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