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It’s My Way or the Highway- Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

  Baby boomer entrepreneurs who say, "It's my way or the highway." can harm their business growth and value. Here's why differences and disagreements make a business more valuable. Having differences among key employees is generally healthy and constructive. It brings diverse capabilities to discussions, decisions, and the work to be done. In building my business, [...]

Five Reasons Why Most Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Won’t Have a Valuable Business

Here are five reasons why most baby boomer entrepreneurs won't have a valuable business: 1. No planning and positioning for the oncoming demographic tsunami. During the next five to ten years, a huge wave of retiring boomer business owners will be overwhelming the merger and acquisition market place. This means that there's going to be [...]

What’s So Special About the Founding Business Owner?

Being the owner of a business encompasses certain rights, responsibilities, and risks, which extend beyond those of the non-owner “management ” of the business. This is particularly the case for a founding business owner who invested and risked personal capital for the firm to survive, operate, and grow. In exchange for risking capital, the entrepreneurial [...]

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How To Manifest Financial Success From Business Blunders

Making blunders in business can be painful emotionally and financially. I know this by first-hand experience, and in my book, The Quiet Millionaire, I explain how learning from making mistakes can make business success all the more sweeter.  As a business owner, I've had to reach down deep inside, fight with everything I had, and [...]

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