Welcome to Quiet Millionaire® Business Owner Advisory

“Tackling complex topics in plain terms, The Quiet Millionaire is thoroughly accessible to readers of all financial backgrounds and highly recommended.”
—- Midwest Book Review

You often hear about the wealth of Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet, but you don’t hear about the many wealthy business owners who are living quietly everywhere, and you don’t even know it. You too can become and stay a Quiet Millionaire® business owner.

The Quiet Millionaire® business owner’s life has a purposeful direction, and a planned, charted course. The Quiet Millionaire® business owner enjoys life but does not just live for today, drifting aimlessly, being consumed by life’s daily activities, or mistakenly thinking that tomorrow will take care of itself. Rather, the Quiet Millionaire® business owner does give thought about tomorrow, and knowingly commits to funding specific goals and objectives, and to being protected against that stormy day.

It is my intention for Quiet Millionaire® Business Owner Advisory and The Quiet Millionaire book to be a useful and rewarding resource for achieving the business and personal financial success you specifically choose to pursue. I decided to write The Quiet Millionaire because there is so much misleading and misinformed financial and investment advice given out by the financial services industry, on the Internet, by the mass media, and by newsletters that appeal to financial greed, which in turn can cause financial grief and hardship.

The Quiet Millionaire is different from other financial advisory and investment books because I wrote it from my perspective as a practicing Fee-Only financial advisor. I practiced every day for myself and for my clients what I convey in this book. If you use the information and do what’s advised, you will proceed on a financial course which is carefully mapped out to ensure arrival at your specified destinations in life. You will be able to live without financial stress the secure and independent life of a Quiet Millionaire®.

Best Wishes for Wealth, Health, and Happiness!

Brett Wilder