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How to Enrich Your Life Beyond the Business

Tomorrow isn't promisedThere’s a difference between being rich and being enriched.

Being rich is to be abundantly supplied with resources, means, and funds.

Being enriched is to add greater value and significance to your life.

This means you can be rich, and not be enriched. Or, you can be enriched, and not be rich. Best of all, why not take time before you have no time left to learn how to be both rich and enriched.

As an entrepreneur, you should learn how to enrich your life beyond the business even if you love your business. I personally didn’t heed to this until certain unexpected mortality events involving peers and friends influenced me to truly internalize that “tomorrow isn’t promised”.

Don’t let precious time escape! In order to achieve total life enrichment, you need to proactively implement a proven, comprehensive, step-by-step, systematic process. Accordingly, I’ve developed a Quiet Millionaire® Freedom Guide for Business Owners based upon a three-tiered systematic process.

Tier One: Build business value and sellability. Your business is your ticket to having an enriched life beyond the business provided you smartly build its value. There are some advisors to entrepreneurs who profess expertise in building business value, but in reality they are marketing a slick story, which disguises a more lucrative hidden agenda.

Successfully building business value needs to be systematic. The Value Builder System™ which I used to build the value and sellability of my own business works, and thereby has helped enrich my life’s journey as well. Moreover, my life beyond the business became even more enriched upon successfully selling business.

Although I loved my entrepreneurial journey, functioning today without the daily commitments of business ownership has enabled me freedom and time to explore and open new and exciting horizons to experience and enjoy.

Tier Two: Formulate and implement a comprehensive life plan beyond the business. In some ways, this is even more challenging than buiding business value, and unfortunately is often neglected. Most people never even take the time to determine specifically what defines an enriched life for them. And if they do, they don’t know intelligently how to achieve it.

In my book, The Quiet Millionaire, I provide specifics about how to comprehensively plan and implement reliable financial life management strategies. Explained is how investment  management is only one of the activities for achieving an enriched life. Wrongfully, investment management is too often hyped and advertised by advisors as the primary way to build wealth and a fulfilling life. Moreover, what’s professed is provided in a too costly manner, self serving manner.

Tier Three: Motivate, monitor and maintain the progress along the way. Without motivation, you won’t take necessary action. Without monitoring, you don’t know where you are relative to where you want to be,. Without maintaining momentum, you’ll never get to where you want to be on a timely basis, and maybe even never. This is why you’re better off deriving the benefits of a systemized life enrichment process to guide you.

During this phase of my life, I have more ways available to add greater value and significance to my life by doing things, which I know can make a difference for others. One way is to use my own business experiences and professional expertise to help enrich the lives of other baby boomer entrepreneurs.

Most particularly, I want to help other successful business founders such as myself who may have complex, and often dysfunctional, family dynamics that are intertwined with the dynamics of their business. The complexities and challenges resulting from the mixing of family and business have broken apart many, many families and destroyed successful businesses, as well as the hopes and dreams for living an enriched life.

CLICK HERE if you’d like to initiate the first step in Tier One for achieving  a more enriched life with a free Value Builder Report. From the report you’ll learn how your business currently scores for the eight most critical drivers of its value.












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