How To Manifest Financial Success From Business Blunders

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How To Manifest Financial Success From Business Blunders

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Making blunders in business can be painful emotionally and financially. I know this by first-hand experience, and in my book, The Quiet Millionaire, I explain how learning from making mistakes can make business success all the more sweeter.  As a business owner, I’ve had to reach down deep inside, fight with everything I had, and be willing to risk it all without knowing for certain whether I’d survive and maximize the rewards of my efforts.

Earlier this year, I cruised the rough Tasmanian Sea between New Zealand and Australia. As the huge cruise ship was being turbulently tossed around, I thought about what it must have been like for the seafaring explorer, James Cook, to survive mistakes and uncertainty and to ultimately reap the rewards of his success. Don’t you think that his first-hand experience and knowledge gained enabled him to offer better guidance for other seafarers to succeed?

As a professional advisor to other business owners, I’m able able to offer my own experience and knowledge from crawling in the trenches, surviving, and coming out successfully on the other side. Make sure that your financial advisor can say with integrity the same. There’s much more to be gained by living the experience that goes beyond professing educational degrees and professional designations.

I believe that progressive business owners must embrace intelligent risk taking and accept making blunders as simply a common byproduct. Quiet Millionaire® business owners don’t bemoan their mistakes, but instead manifest them into achieving success. They don’t fear failure, but rather think big, and push themselves onward to succeed.

One of the biggest secrets to success is operating inside your strength zone and outside your comfort zone. By working with an experienced business advisor, business owners can benefit by being able to expand with help their comfort zone, and thereby  maximize the value to be gained from their own strengths. This includes setting specific goals and objectives, planning comprehensively, and implementing timely strategies to achieve them. Importantly, they measure and monitor their progress along the way, and make required adjustments accordingly.

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