After Selling Your Business – It’s Time To Refresh and Renew

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After Selling Your Business – It’s Time To Refresh and Renew

As many of you know, I previously sold my business which I founded and nurtured for 25 years.

At any given moment while growing the business, whatever what was in front of me on a daily basis was most important, my clients, my loyal staff, and managing all the details for ensuring business success.

It’s time to refresh and renew.

Since selling the business, I’ve had an opportunity to contemplate and reflect about what I want to do now to more fully enrich my life.


Importantly, I want to live the remainder of my lifetime happy and fulfilled. Accordingly, as part of the process for further enriching my life, I’ve decided to take a break away from writing weekly blogs, as well as from all other work activity commitments.

I intend to devote more time exclusively for me to renew and refresh mentally and physically, to travel more extensively, and to practice improving my American Songbook piano playing skills.

I also want to have more creative time available to fulfill my goal of writing a second Quiet Millionaire® book, which is my intention to help guide other baby boomer entrepreneurs how to enrich their lives.

During my “sabbatical” from obligatory outside commitments, I do plan to provide occasional updates about my enriching experiences and happenings whenever I feel they might translate into helpful insights for other baby boomer entrepreneurs.

Also, I encourage you to check from time to time the upgrades and informative enhancements I’ll be making to the website. My research indicates that there’s not another resource available like what I’m developing for baby boomer entrepreneurs.

Namaste. Brett

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