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Live Purposefully To Die Happy, Not Happily

Die Happy imageIn order to create an enriched life and die happy, you must have lived a life of purpose. No one wants to happily die unless, unfortunately, their life is unfulfilled or just plain miserable.

Listen up! There are people who are rich, but not enriched because they don’t live life with purpose.

Why is it important to find purpose in your life, and to align and live your  everyday with that purpose in mind? Because you must live purposefully to die happy, not happily.

In the past decade, I sold my business, which I owned and nurtured for 25 years. At any given moment while growing the business, whatever what was in front of me was important. My clients were important, my loyal staff was important, all the details for business success were important.

Since selling the business, I’ve had an opportunity to step back for gaining a greater amount of perspective about what more fully enriches my life, before it’s too late. In other words, when it’s all said and done, I want to finish up happy and be remembered as someone better than I would be remembered as of now.

Therefore, I’ve decided to enrich my life more so now with the end in mind. Comment with some things you are currently doing to live your life more purposefully!


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