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How to Not Let Discontentment Derail Selling Your Business



The Contented Entrepreneur

Discontentment expressed through the emotions of anger, frustration, and bitterness, either from within yourself or by others, usually manifests from unmet expectations.

No one is immune to experiencing these emotions, whether justified or not. An entrepreneur, especially the owner of a family business will experience these emotions at various times as a fact of doing business. It can result from happenings such as unintended miscommunication, prolonged disappointment, or unreasonable entitlement attitudes.

Anger, frustration, and bitterness occur particularly often during business succession and exit activities. It’s harmful and can painfully taint the results of a lifetime of work. Regardless of the cause of discontentment, when it happens it has to be dealt with or else it can cloud rational judgment and destroy healthy interactions involving business and family.

While it’s difficult and sometimes impossible to placate the anger, frustration and bitterness experienced by others, here are five ways that I’ve found are helpful and I advise others for overcoming these negative feelings.

  1. Find methods that can relieve your triggered stress. For me, the best method  is to quiet my inner self and thoughts through spiritual solitude and meditation. When all is said and done, I believe that your life’s journey is ultimately guided by a higher power. It doesn’t matter what term is used for this spiritual guide, I find getting in touch with my higher self and then letting go calms me with a knowing that my matters of concern will get resolved.
  2. Take time out to get away, and truly rest and unwind. As an entrepreneur, one of my biggest challenges over the years has been to not stay constantly focused and obsessed with business matters every minute of everyday. I didn’t take a “mental” break from my business for over twenty years, even when I was physically away. It took me a lot of years and some life changing events to occur before I realized and appreciated how important and beneficial it is to take time to “smell the roses”. Tomorrow is not promised, no one is indispensable, and life will go on without you. Coming back from getting away refreshes thinking, replenishes energy, and provides healthier perspective.
  3. Prepare yourself to deal with unmet expectations and disappointment. I love seeing the potential in others and helping them reach higher and go farther than they would have otherwise. As an entrepreneur I’ve been able to do this in ways I never could have when I was employed in the self-serving corporate world. It’s a wonderful experience when opportunities you provide for others are taken advantage of, recognized and appreciated. It’s disappointing when the opposite results occur for your expectations of others. I’ve learned to prepare myself for unmet expectations by realizing that I alone can’t control the behavior of others, and must either reset my expectations or find ways to let go of my disappointments.
  4. Don’t allow endlessly discontented, negative thinking people to remain your life. Tune out the negative noise that constantly bombards our space on daily basis. Instead, surround yourself with people who are inspirational, and are enthusiastic and passionate about whatever they do. Doing so mutes negative feelings. Even reading about the lives of great people can vicariously inspire and motivate you as well.
  5. Assemble, maintain and utilize a team qualified, competent, trustworthy, and caring mentors and advisors. It’s very difficult to find and combine the right group of people who really care about you, and who you can rely upon and trust implicitly. Moreover, sometimes someone who might appear to be a loyal and strong member of the team can subsequently turn out to be an untrustworthy chameleon who disappointingly eventually reveals his or her true colors. This can cause more harm for you than someone who is revealed as being incompetent or unqualified. The reason for this is because the revelation of untrustworthiness typically occurs when you might be experiencing a most difficult and stressful time. The message here is to constantly observe your team performance and be open to making changes proactively as necessary in order to defuse feelings of anger, frustration and bitterness.

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