Six Reasons to Cash In Your Business Chips NOW

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Six Reasons to Cash In Your Business Chips NOW


Are you a veteran entrepreneur trying to decide when and how best to move on from your business, and enjoy the financial freedom and personal happiness you’ve earned and deserve?

Here are six reasons why you might want to cash in your business chips NOW.

1. You’ve lost your original entrepreneurial passion and enthusiastic energy. Your business has grown and matured, and requires more structure to operate today than in the early days. The daily routine has become same old, same old, and you’re wanting to light your fire with a fresh endeavor.

2. You want to spend more time with your spouse and family. It’s now time to make up for previous lost time not spent with them.

3. You want more time available to travel extensively. It’s time to see and experience parts of the world which the commitments of running the business never allowed enough time for.

4. The demographics will cause higher future taxes for the politicians to spend. The money required to fund the staggering social welfare costs of the aging population as well as the increasing chronic welfare recipients will necessitate increased taxes along with more responsible fiscal and monetary policies.

5. A business sellers glut is arriving. Your veteran peers are starting to retire in droves, and there’s an impending glut of other business owners wanting to sell and transfer their businesses. This will cause the current business sellers market to become a buyers market which will drive down the value of price offerings.

6. The accessibility of private equity and bank financing to fund acquisitions will become more competitive. The sellers glut will force the least prepared experienced entrepreneurs to take less to move on, or even worse, shut down operations entirely.

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