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How to Make Your Business More Valuable in Twelve Months

  The New Year will be here very shortly and now is a good time to start planning in advance how to build the value of your business during 2018. Most baby boomer entrepreneurs will will set business goals that focus on achieving certain revenue and profit goals. However, if you want to make your [...]

How To Sell Your Business For A Huge Discount And Live Unhappily Ever After!

Most entrepreneurs fail to plan how and know when is best to pass their business on to others. The result is that they often face being taken advantage of by potential successors and buyers, including, and sometimes most especially, by their own family members. The justifiable financial reward business owners seek for their long, hard [...]

Five Reasons Why Business Financial Data Must Be Reliable

Providing believable financial data having integrity is one of the biggest hurdles for baby boomer entrepreneurs to overcome. The following are five reasons why business financial data must be reliable: 1. Better management decision making. 2. Obtain financing necessary to operate the business. 3. Financial performance is an important value driver to maximize business value. [...]

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What Should Be Your Number One Business Goal?

What should be your number one business goal? As a diligent entrepreneur, you probably each year set goals for top line revenues and bottom line profits. While these goals are important, there's another goal which should be number one for an even bigger payoff: Building Business Value. Here are three reasons why building business value should [...]

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After Selling Your Business – It’s Time To Refresh and Renew

As many of you know, I previously sold my business which I founded and nurtured for 25 years. At any given moment while growing the business, whatever what was in front of me on a daily basis was most important, my clients, my loyal staff, and managing all the details for ensuring business success. [...]

Time Management Techniques to Control Time is a Waste of Time

My time management is sometimes suspect to others, especially to my wife who is a fantastically fast and efficient multitasker. Me, I'm a focused and tenacious plodder and perfectionist. I enjoy my creativity and spirituality. So, I think and mull a lot and, therefore, appear to be wasting time. In my opinion, time management techniques [...]

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Five Ways to Create an Enriched Life Beyond Your Business

  As an entrepreneur, your behavior and daily activities should be congruent with your personal core values in order to create and experience an enriched life beyond your business. Moreover, your personal and business goals in life must be specific and conform as well with these core values. Otherwise, you'll feel dissatisfied, never be truly happy, [...]

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What Does Having an Enriched Life Mean to You?

Being rich is having abundant valuable material "things" , such as houses, cars, jewels, etc, which money can buy. Being enriched is having a life that's abundantly meaningful, substantial, and rewarding which money can't buy. Having an enriched life is a noteworthy achievement. It's not only about having lots of money. What does having an [...]

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Five Reasons Why Most Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Won’t Have a Valuable Business

Here are five reasons why most baby boomer entrepreneurs won't have a valuable business: 1. No planning and positioning for the oncoming demographic tsunami. During the next five to ten years, a huge wave of retiring boomer business owners will be overwhelming the merger and acquisition market place. This means that there's going to be [...]

Why Are So Many Financial Firms Morally Suspect?

The Question: Why are so many financial firms morally suspect? The Answer: Because their cultures are self-serving, arrogant, and greedy. A creed is “a guiding principle”. All too often the creed of the financial services industry is greed, which leads to grief for many people. While the words “fiduciary responsibility” and “ethics” are loudly professed, [...]

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