The #1 Monetary Risk When Selling Your Business

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The #1 Monetary Risk When Selling Your Business

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One of the most malicious obstacles to achieving a financially successful exit from a business is the taxation of business and personal income and capital gains. Furthermore, often the ultimate tax blow is the estate tax liability. Combine all of the double and triple taxation totaling possibly as high as 90%, the IRS controls the outcome, not the business owner. All those years of hard work and sacrifice painfully grabbed up by onerous taxation and unnecessarily excessive fees.

A veteran entrepreneur can establish better control of their business departure’s financial outcome by having a proactive exit strategy as part of their company’s business plan. Business owners do not plan to fail, but they often do because they fail to plan.

Planning properly and proactively can maximize the monetary value of your business exit. As the owner of a business, one of the best ways for ensuring the maximum return upon your departure, whether expected through a departure for retirement, or unexpected due to death, disability divorce or disagreement, is to always keep the company in sellable shape. While you manage the daily business activities, manage as well for maximizing future value regardless of whether the events might turn out to be expected or unexpected.

The Quiet Millionaire® Value Builder System™ protects against the biggest risk of monetary loss through taxation by planning ahead early and constantly for his or her departure from the company.

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